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Includes training on strategic thinking, brand positioning, brand plans, marketing execution and analytics, plus our Beloved Brands book or PowerPoint templates.

Brand Management

Course Curriculum

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  • 2

    Strategic thinking

    • Why Brand Love Matters

    • Download your Strategic Thinking assignments

    • How you think; how you decide.

    • The elements of strategic thinking

    • Your brand's core strength

    • Consumer Strategy

    • Competitive Strategy

    • Situation Strategy

    • Submit your strategic thinking assignments

  • 3

    Brand positioning

    • Define your target market

    • Download your Brand Positioning Assignment

    • Consumer insights

    • Consumer benefits

    • The Brand Positioning Statement

    • The brand idea

    • Brand idea map

    • Using your brand idea to steer everyone

    • Submit your Brand Positioning Assignments

    • Download your Brand Positioning PowerPoint Template

  • 4

    Brand plans

    • Brand plan process

    • Download your Brand Plan Assignment

    • Vision, purpose, and values

    • Key issues and strategies

    • Execution planning

    • Brand Plan formats

    • Brand Plan definitions

    • Apple Case Study

    • Submit your Brand Plan Assignment

    • Download your Brand Plan PowerPoint template

  • 5

    Marketing execution

    • Advertising process

    • Download your marketing execution workbook

    • Creative brief

    • Advertising that captures attention

    • Advertising that drives brand link

    • Advertising that communicates

    • Advertising that sticks

    • Making advertising decisions

    • Media decisions

    • Submit your Marketing Execution Assignments

    • Download our Creative Brief format

  • 6

    Marketing analytics

    • Principles of marketing analytics

    • Download your Marketing Analytics Workbook

    • Deep Dive: Marketplace and consumers

    • Deep Dive: Channels and competitors

    • Deep Dive: The brand

    • Putting together the deep dive review

    • Marketing Finance 101

    • Submit your Marketing Analytics Assignments

    • Download our Business Review Template

  • 7

    Your marketing career

    • Managing your marketing career

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Introducing Graham Robertson

Founder and Instructor

Graham Robertson

Founder and Instructor

Graham Robertson is one of the voices for today's brand leaders. As the founder of Beloved Brands Inc, a boutique brand consulting firm, Graham has been a trusted brand advisor to many of the greatest brands around the world, including the NFL Players Association, Shell, Reebok, Slack, Acura, The Mayo Clinic, Miller beer, National Geographic, and Pfizer. In his marketing career, Graham led some of the world's most beloved brands at Coke, General Mills, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson, rising up to VP Marketing. He has won numerous awards, including Marketing Magazine's "Marketer of the Year," BusinessWeek's best new product award, and four Effie advertising awards. His bestselling book, Beloved Brands, is the playbook for how to build a brand that consumers will love. This book is a ‘how-to’ book for any marketer who has to get things done, and set their brand up to win in the market. Every participant in our brand management program will get a copy of the book to follow along throughout the course. Graham's passion is to help prepare brand leaders for success. With Beyond the MBA, we will help you reach your full potential in your career.

Your opportunity to gain access to world-class brand management training

Learn to think, position, plan, execute and analyze

  1. Adopt new strategic thinking methods, looking at your brand’s core strength, the competitive landscape, consumer relationship, and the situation it faces.
  2. Learn to define your brand positioning and a brand idea, using functional and emotional benefits, to set up your brand to win in the marketplace
  3. Write smarter strategic brand plans that get everyone on the same page, learning how to write the vision, purpose, key issues, strategies, and tactics.
  4. Be capable of making smart and creative decisions to find outstanding marketing execution through your creative advertising and media experts.
  5. Leverage stronger marketing analytics to lead a deep-dive business review, that looks at the marketplace, consumers, channels, competitors, and the brand.

World-class brand management toolkit

Get PowerPoint templates

All brand management participants will receive a copy of our Beloved Brands playbook

Beloved Brands is the playbook for how to create a brand that consumers will love. Ideal for following along with our brand management program.

Our brand management program has been approved for 24 CPD hours

Our Beyond the MBA brand management program has been approved for 24 professional development hours by the CPD standards office.

We also offer an express version of our brand management program

This is an ideal option for those who have already purchased our Beloved Brands book and our PowerPoint templates. You can still access our world-class brand management training that includes strategic thinking, brand positioning, writing brand plans, creative briefs, brand concepts, creative decisions, and deep-dive analytics.